Second Home Insurance

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Madison Mutual has two distinct insurance products dedicated to insuring your home away from home. We can even accommodate properties that you rent to others on a vacation rental basis!

Secondary Homeowners Policy

The Secondary Homeowners Policy is for second homes: residences of standard or better construction quality with all customary utilities present including central heat.

There are a variety of reasons that people maintain second homes. You may keep a second residence nearby a place of work or family. You may have a seasonal or vacation home. All of these reasons and more are acceptable as long as all other underwriting criteria are met.

Seasonal Package Policy

The Seasonal Package Policy is for seasonal camps: dwellings of economy construction grade, or that lack one or more utilities such as central heat, electrical and plumbing. This program also accommodates seasonal manufactured homes - even travel trailers that are parked permanently at a campsite! 

The above programs BOTH:

  • Provide coverage for the dwelling, outbuildings, belongings, and additional living expenses and/or loss of rental income incurred in the event of a loss - and more!
  • Allow replacement cost coverage on eligible buildings.
  • Can be written on a “standalone” basis - we do not require that we also write your primary home.
  • Allow rental of the property to others (vacation rentals) of up to 26 weeks per year.