We're a Local Company

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With insurance, local matters.

Insurance policies are not just about numbers. When a loss occurs, insurance companies provide complex claim-handling services for which regionally specific expertise makes a real difference.

We write insurance exclusively in Upstate NY. It is our sole focus.

At Madison Mutual, we understand the unique economy, geography, and real estate markets of Upstate NY.  In fact, our entire product lineup is specifically underwritten and rated for the task of providing quality insurance in Upstate NY. This even includes several innovative products we’ve designed to address a common insurance dilemma created by local property value conditions – our Freedom Policies for Homeowners and Landlords.

What's more, buying from a local Upstate NY company like Madison Mutual benefits our regional economy in numerous ways:

  • We employ locally in Upstate NY
  • The numerous independent insurance agents we are partnered with are local and employed locally as well
  • ‘Buying local’ keeps money in circulation in our local economy. Money that is spent locally can be re-spent locally, increasing the overall prosperity of our region
  • We pay taxes locally, which serves to keep your taxes lower

We are certainly not just suggesting that you buy local: At Madison Mutual, we buy locally whenever possible as well. We also endeavor to patronize the local Upstate NY businesses that we insure whenever possible.

Insure with a company that cares!