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Insuring Locally, Thinking Globally

Madison Mutual is a small, local insurance company committed to quality in New York State since 1893. Although we are a small company, we are committed to excellence in the greater insurance industry. Employees are asked to continue their education in the insurance field through short classes and webinars. This ensures that Madison Mutual stays current with the market and trends in the industry. Join our team if you are looking for a work environment that won’t let you fall behind in your industry!

Available Positions:

There are no positions available at this time.

However, when seeking potential employees, the following characteristics are looked for:

  • A team player who is also capable of independent work.  The ability and desire to do all aspects of the job - from customer service and data entry to coordinating office projects - is essential.  As a small company, all of our positions are hands-on and comprehensive.
  • Someone who will convey and come naturally by an enthusiastic, "can-do" attitude.  All staff members must actively contribute to a positive working atmosphere within the office and in the company's relationships with its agents, brokers, and other outside parties.
  • A highly organized and effective multi-tasker that is able to successfully coordinate and meet multiple projects and deadlines.
  • A person who is highly proficient in the use of computers, software, and internet functions of any/all kinds.  A suitable candidate must be someone who will increase the level of technological savvy within our company, both upon hiring and into the future.
  • A person with the ability to learn rapidly and adapt easily to change.  Suitable candidates must be willing to participate in extracurricular industry education and will be expected to continuously learn, develop, and expand their knowledge base and skill set throughout their career with the company.
  • A person who is capable of making complex and subjective decisions with confidence.  Suitable candidates will have an analytical mindset along with an astute and intuitive business sense.
  • A person who is highly effective at communicating: particularly in written communication.  The subject of involved correspondence will sometimes be the coverage terms of existing and prospective insurance policies, which are legal contracts.  As such, the ability to communicate with clarity, thoughtfulness, and care is essential.

Minimum Requirements

  • Associate degree or equivalent
  • Valid driver's license
  • Ability to lift 40-50 lbs. and willingness to perform occasional physical tasks around the office, such as shoveling snow.
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