Landlords Freedom Policy

landlords freedom policy insurance father and son madison mutual insurance company

This innovative and unique Landlords product offers freedom!

Freedom for landlords to choose the amount of coverage they want to carry on their rental dwelling without an insurance company imposing requirements or claim penalties as a result.

If you would not actually rebuild your rental dwelling in the event of a total loss, this is the ideal product for you.

The Landlords Freedom Policy allows landlords to buy whichever coverage limit they want (up to the replacement value of the dwelling) while still providing replacement cost coverage on partial losses (when only a portion of the dwelling is damaged).

This is in sharp contrast to standard Landlords products found in the insurance marketplace which either don’t allow lower, customer-chosen limits, or only provide “actual cash value” depreciated coverage - even on partial losses.

Nearly every landlord of 1-4 family dwellings can find a better solution in this unique product!

  • Landlords who would rebuild and want to insure for a full replacement cost coverage limit, but also want the added comfort and safeguard of not having an “insurance-to-value” provision in the policy that could negatively impact them in the future. (For example, if you build an addition or upgrade the property and forget to notify the company, or building costs rise unexpectedly.)
  • Landlords who would rebuild, but not with the same size or type of dwelling as the existing one. With the Landlords Freedom Policy, you can safely buy a limit of insurance that reflects the dwelling you would build, without any penalty for “underinsurance” and while still getting replacement cost coverage on partial losses for the existing dwelling.
  • Landlords who wouldn’t rebuild and only want to insure for the market value or purchase price of their rental property, but still want replacement cost coverage on partial losses.

Better still, this policy is competitively rated for the superior coverage it provides. It also includes our popular Disappearing Deductible!

Why the Freedom Policy?

  • Freedom to CHOOSE YOUR OWN coverage limit without imposed requirements.
  • Freedom to enjoy REPLACEMENT COST coverage up to whichever limit YOU choose.
  • Freedom from mandatory Actual Cash Value coverage and penalties for underinsurance.
  • Freedom to choose the policy that’s best for YOU.