We're a Green Company

home insurance green company featuring solar panels madison mutual insurance company

And we keep going greener!

In the 1990s, Madison Mutual implemented its first comprehensive recycling and waste disposal initiative in an effort to minimize our company's environmental impact.

As a business that handles personal information and must shred our paper, we were disappointed to learn at that time that shredded paper has far reduced recyclability and most recycling centers wouldn’t accept it. Our solution to this problem was to donate our shredded paper to a local farmer who could use it as bedding for livestock.

Next came the prevalent rise of digital communication and storage techniques, and we were able to do even better.  In 2015, we undertook the initiative to make our office “paperless” on a forward-going basis. This “paperless” initiative went hand in hand with the implementation of our web-based policy administration system which allows our producers to complete policy quoting, writing, and servicing tasks online.

In 2016, we took another step when we upgraded to energy-efficient LED lightbulbs throughout our sizable home office.

In 2017, we went even bigger and had 320 photovoltaic panels in two ground-mounted rows behind our office installed. This system (combined with our conversion to all LED lightbulbs) offsets approximately 100% of our prior annual electricity use!

We continued our environmentally conscious initiative in 2023 with the installation of an 8,400 square foot butterfly garden. This area has been certified by Monarch Watch as an official Monarch Waystation, which is a place that provides milkweeds and other food sources necessary for Monarch butterflies to produce successive generations and sustain their migration.