Underground Utility Line Coverage

underground utility lineHave you ever received a flyer in the mail advertising a utility line warranty or service contract? Such non-insurance contracts can involve a monthly charge of $5 to $10 to protect what is often only a single type of utility line. That’s $60 to $120 per year!

We can do better! For just $15 a year, this endorsement provides $10,000 of coverage for loss caused by failure of a wide variety of service lines such as underground piping, wiring, valves, or attached devices that connect the residence to a public or private utility system. Included is coverage for loss caused by wear and tear, rust, corrosion, decay, deterioration, hidden or latent defect, freezing, collapse (but not sinkhole collapse) and electrical, mechanical or pressure systems breakdown.

This coverage is available in all of our Homeowners, Landlords, Seasonal and Dwelling/Farm Fire product lines.